Just a website about stones from Japan,
albeit very, very special stones.

I have been buying natural Japanese
sharpening stones in Japan since 1978,
and I still have that first cherished
Narutaki that I use often. The stones that
you will view on this site represent only a
small fraction of my inventory, which may
be the largest of its kind outside of
Japan. My family craft ties in Japan
allow me access to many old caches of
stone mined in the 1800s up to the
1950s. Each and every individual stone
is hand selected by myself, I do not have
agents sending me "their selections" as
some other suppliers on the internet do.

Every single stone I sell comes with a full
money back guarantee minus the return
shipping, I am happy to work with the
professional crafts person as well as
individual hobbyists.

Free Shipping World Wide on
purchases above $200

Refund and Return Policy Link

Walking Around
The Nakayama
Mine Site
Please feel free to contact me at:
or: 707-206-1443
in: Sonoma, California, USA
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