#11 Mikawa Shiro Koma Nagura

This shiro white nagura makes an excellent middle stone, inserted
between a bevel set and the final finishing stones. It will remove metal
from the hardest razors leaving a more polished surface. I found that
these base stone nagura are easier to use if you soak them for 1 to 2
minutes so the hydration becomes consistent. Splashing clear water
as you go along will keep them cutting.

This particular nagura has a splash of mica on the the back and a
galaxy of super fine mica spots on the front. The stone sides have
saw marks and chisel and scraped surfaces.

Becoming very scarce in this size, I do not know how long I can continue
to source them from my nagura miner who keeps telling me that these
will be the last he will every see. He is old so I believe him.
These and all of my other bench size Mikawa nagura do not have Asano ink
stamps or any other attributions because I circumvented the stones before
Sakamoto-san the owner of the Asano stamps had a chance to make his a bid.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped perfectly flat and the corners and
edges beveled unless otherwise noted.  All of my stones come with a
money back guarantee minus the return shipping.
All stones are sold with a
money back guarantee
minus the return shipping.
Particle Size
Size in mm
Price $450
581 gram