Hardness   Grit/Finess   Speed/Strength   Price in U.S.
9+                10-                9+                      SOLD       
When used with a paste created by a diamond plate  
9+                10-                9+
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A very pure stone with a high grit rating but a bit softer and easier to use. The grit is in the 40,000
to 42,000 range and with the fast cutting speed you can achieve a bright finish to the hagane
along with a gorgeous fine polish to the jigane too creating just the right kasumi look. The stone
as a full skin on the back and one side.

Reads on the stone top from the upper right down, JUN SHOSHIN HONYAMA (pure specially
chosen original mountain) which is a registered trade name,

And 2 (an inventory or grading number)

And at the middle SAIKOKYUHIN (very best quality)

This Nakayama Maruka awasedo toishi stone is NEW/OLD stock from a closed store in Japan. It
has not been used other than to test the quality at one edge of the stone as you can see in the

You may find other references to the Maruka Nakayama mines on the internet. This mine was
known throughout its history to produce the finest awasedo finishing stones in Japan and
probably in the world. The registered stamp on the top of this stone and the single toothed fine
saw marks help to date the stone to before WW2.

This is an actual Maruka Nakayama awasedo, it is not a fake. Stones of this color and variety
have not been mined from Nakayama for well over three quarters of a century and they never will
be mined again as these rare deposits are depleted. The mine was closed in the 1960s and I
will not be able to replace or offer these stones again.

This is a medium hard stone and it is easy and a pleasure to use. The very hard stones are more
easily used if a diamond nagura but this stone will build its own paste and this paste breaks
down into finer grit particles which continue to cut just as aggressively.