#20 Honyama asagi iromono bench stone

The is a honyama awasedo probably from Narutaki or
possibly Nakayama judging from the straight line namazu
line of alternate grit. The green (iro)color has a high yellow
component. Super smooth this is a razor grade stone in
all ways except that it is too large by most standards.
In a bench stone format that will leave a knife razor like
sharp, and it will hone a razor to shave ready HHT-5
levels. Glued to a wooden dai base, painted black, it
does not sit perfectly flat on a table.
Close but not perfect.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped flat and the
corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted.
All of my stones come with a tested and appropriately
sized tomonaguara slurry stone, and a money back
guarantee minus the return shipping
Particle Size
8+ to
with slurry
Size 199-71-22
excluding dai
Price $575
1254 grams