#230 Ozaki gray/green deep suita

A serious large blue green asagi colored suita with classic Ozaki banding.
This is a professional size stone, mined in the 1910's - 20's or earlier,
the mine closed up shortly afterwards. A stone so fine you can hone a
razor and shave from it, or hone your tools for edges razor sharp. There
is a very fine and sparsely scattering of ancient gas voids called "su".
These su voids do not hamper the honing/sharpeing qualities of the stone
in any negative way. You can see how very homogeneous this stone is
from the front to the chiseled back and the stone has advanced
sharpening qualities of speed coupled with fineness. It can be used with
just clear water for a final polishing stone or if used with a slurry the
cutting speed triples.

The sides have been sanded smooth, the back sits flat on a bench and
the topside has been polished. All of my stones come fully lapped with
beveled edges unless otherwise noted. This stone will come with a
tested tomonagura slurry stone at no extra cost.
Particle Size
8+ to
with slurry
Size 208-80-40
in mm
Price $425
1632 grams