Okudo gousa #320

Scarce Ozaki Gousa kamisori toishi. This buttery smooth gousa type tomae stone has a perfect
complexion with a faint cloud pattern. A scarce or even rare formation, the gousa stones although
gray have a white slurry. This is not a "slate" stone, it is in every way a Kyoto Umegahata awasedo,
it is the binders that give it the rich gray color, the grit particles are exactly like any of the other
Kyotos stones. I have shaved off of this stone and the results were perfectly fine, smooth and
comfortable. The one side has cut corners but the even side is a generous 195mm long stretch to
work off from.

All of my stones come fully lapped with beveled edges unless otherwise noted.

This stone and the other kamisori toishi on my site are from a world class private collection of over
400 pieces assembled in Japan over the past years in the area around Toyama by a collector of
shaving implements. I was lucky enough to purchase total collection over the last 2 years. Many of
the hones were actually used by barbers, some dating to the 1920s or earlier, while others were
simply prepared by the miners as razor hones as evidenced by the size and fine quality of the
stones grit composition.
Grit Fineness
Size 195-72-20
Price  $245