Narutaki akapin #407

Super smooth but fairly soft Level 4 hardness Narutaki akapin. The akapin layer in the
mines is one of the shallowest and therefor the stones can be somewhat soft. This
stone has a deep red brick color with a swath of faint yellow/green running through the
center as you can see in the photos. The one corner shows a bit of black sparkle
similar to that from the Nakayama mine. Not an expensive stone but a pleasure to use.

I have shaved off this stone and achieved a very fine shaveable edge after just a few
minutes with
TheAxMethod. This stone is can be used as a final finishing stone or
polishing stone when used under clear running water like under the tap of your kitchen
sink. When used under running water the slurry gets washed away before it can
scratch the bevel so a brighter polish is allowed to develop. This is a great stone for
knives or tools.

All of my stones come fully lapped with beveled edges unless otherwise noted.

This stone and the other kamisori toishi on my site are from a world class private
collection of over 400 pieces assembled in Japan over the past years in the area
around Toyama by a collector of shaving implements. I was lucky enough to purchase
total collection over the last 2 years. Many of the hones were actually used by barbers,
some dating to the 1920s or earlier, while others were simply prepared by the miners
as razor hones as evidenced by the size and fine quality of the stones grit composition.
Grit Fineness
Size 168-58-25
Price  $225  SOLD