#652 Okudo medium hard gray tomae

This Okudo stone is in perfect condition with all the corners
and thick enough to be a lifetime razor hone. The top is a shade
of gray with undertones of green. The darker area of yaki or
brown is very mild and does not affect the cutting powers of
the stone in any way. The back has a full layer of kawa skin
as you can see in the photos. I have test honed and shaved
from this stone and it is a true razor quality hone and it is the
type and hardness that could be used with a progression
of Mikawa nagura or with a diamond plate nagura slurry.
The nagura in the photo is from the Odori mine and it
will be included with the Okudo base stone.

The stone (toishi) has been lapped flat and the
corners and edges beveled unless otherwise noted. All of my
stones come with a tested and appropriately sized tomonaguara
slurry stone, and a money back guarantee minus the return shipping.
All stones are sold with a
money back guarantee
minus the return shipping.
Grit Fineness
5 to 5++
Size 196-73-20
in mm
Price $350