Odori Mine nagura  # 869

This is a hand held size piece cut from a massive portion of a large
sharpening wheel that was used in a major Japanese University to
sharpen surgical instruments at their medical collage. The partial wheel
source can be seen in the lower photo collage.

The Odori mine was near Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, about
70 miles as the crow flies from the Mikawa mine in Aichi Prefecture
and in the Japan Alps mountain range half way between
Takayama and Nagoya.

The original section weighed 13 1/2 pounds or 6.259 kilograms but this
piece here weighs 560 grams and 35mm thick.

Although not stamped, I would consider this to be a nakado or middle
nagura. It can be used like Mikawa Botan Nagura is used as a slurry stone
or held in your hand as a bevel setting stone. The grit size is larger
and faster cutting and coarser than Tenjyou, maybe a substitute for a 500
or 1000 grit stone although the scratch pattern will be shallower
than a synthetic equivalent.

It is solid with no cracks or inclusions and it can be cut into smaller
pieces. The stone is cream to milk colored with bands of slightly
darker minerals. The actual color and whiteness is more similar
to the above photos.
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3 to 4-
Grit Fineness
5 to 5+
Size 117-68-35 mm
wt. 560gm.
Price $145