Ozaki mizu tomae #94

Vintage Ozaki kamisori toishi. This dense, wide and thick stone is medium
dark gray with an under current of transparent yellow and a vein of mizu
blue that run along the topside like a river. There is also a matrix of namazu
or light colored waterborne clays that seep through the mine system and
settle into inclusions in some stones, the light color line on the topside is an
example. These inclusions are not toxic andyou can see them on the side of
the stone where they will appear so you can predict how they
will pop up in different levels over the years as the stone in used. The back has an
attractive hand chiseled finish.

I have used this stone with a light slurry and found that the cutting action is
noticeably advanced in speed, and if you finish with just clear water the stone
continues to cut leaving the steel blade chrome bright. This is a level 5+ hardness
stone and it honed my razors into the HHT level 4 & 5 range.

The top as been lapped perfectly flat and polished with a tomonagura and it is
ready to be used and it will come with a tested tomonagura with which to build
a slurry with. I recommend using a worn out diamond plate and TheAxMethod
with this and most of my hard stones
Grit Fineness
Size 195-73-25
Price  $340 SOLD