Our Privacy Policy

TheJapanBlade is a mom & pop company and the website is
built and managed by Alex & Emiko Gilmore. This is not a Yahoo
site or a Google site or anything else site, just a privately
held and maintained website built on a free platform provided
Yahoo Sitebuilder.

Our passion is to provide service and goods only. We do not collect,
trade, sell or share any personal information from or about our
customers. We value your trust in us beyond all else.

Our website does not collect cookies or behind the scenes
information, and we do not have any partners.

We are set up as PayPal merchants, but we
do not actively
share or offer to share with PayPal anything about our customers
If you choose to use PayPal for purchases on our site there may
be some risk, just like there would be with any other multinational
cooperation like eBay or  even your bank in your hometown.
I personally would prefer to trade goods for cash or personal
checks, and these are welcome. PayPal is not my ideal of a small
town family business, and I do not mind circumventing their
system with alternate forms of payment.

Please feel free to call or write in regards to any and all questions
regarding our goods or services. Either Emiko or myself
will pick up the phone.

best wishes,
Alex Gilmore