Narutaki suita tennen toishi #502

A very fast workingman's stone this suita cuts fast like a quality suita can while having  
that buttery feel under the steel that a tomae strata stone provides. There are some areas
of bias layered particles that could provide some flaking so I am recommending this
stone for tools where the grit particles are under higher tool to stone pressures and not
for razors. Note that the price is also a reflection of these bias areas which might or might
not disappear. I have used this stone with a hard blue steel kanna blade with perfect
edge results and no rogue scratches felt or seen. The crunch factor under a kanna blade
is a good mix for this stone. There are no toxic lines or inclusions.

The toishi has been lapped perfectly flat and the edges beveled.
Mt. Agato as seen
from Kameoka
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Grit Fineness
Size 203-75-25
Price  $550 SOLD