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207 - 79 - 50mm
2.1 kg. = 4.6 lbs.
Reads on the stone top from the upper right down in small kanji GOKUJO (extremely fine quality).
And in larger kanji to the left HON-SUITA (the name of the strata)
And in the middle left edge reads BIWA after Biwa lake near Kyoto.
At the lower right corner SAIKOKYU (very best quality)
This shiro or white suita stone is very rare and it shows renge particles on the back of the stone. It came from a store in
a small town in Japan that closed in the 1970s containing stock dating back to the 1930s. The awasedo has not been
used other than to test the quality at one edge of the stone as you can see in the photos and it is considered to be
New/Old Stock. This is a genuine early 20th century awasedo from the pre-war 1930s era.
The stone is very hard and cuts exceedingly fast as you can see in the close up photo. The metal is cut without creating
any paste if you begin with just water. Because these stones are so hard, I found that they are easier to use if you use a
diamond plate as a "diamond nagura" to first build up a paste as you can also also see in the photos. The dried paste
from the diamond nagura is a pure white as snow even when containing particles from the orange area at the lower corner.
GRIT                                                scale 1-10    9++   
COST                    Does not include shipping   SOLD   

*If a diamond plate induced slurry is used.